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German Chocolate Fudge

German Chocolate Fudge is melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge topped with a thick layer of irresistible coconut pecan frosting.

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

There’s nothing I enjoy making (and eating) more around the holidays than fudge. Usually just a simple chocolate fudge will satisfy my sweet tooth like nothing else.

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

But sometimes something a little more unique and decadent is in order. Like this German Chocolate Fudge.

It’s supremely gooey and delicious.

German Chocolate Fudge

The texture of this fudge is amazing. You have a creamy, smooth fudge layer covered in an insanely gooey icing with the crunch of coconut and pecans.

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

I must say that it rivals Buckeye Fudge for my all time favorite fudge. It’s hard not to eat piece after piece.

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

Happy fudge making! And be sure to share with your neighbors. This recipe makes a whole lot of really rich fudge.

German Chocolate Fudge

German Chocolate Fudge #Christmas

German Chocolate Fudge

German Chocolate Fudge with a creamy layer of chocolate fudge topped with a thick layer of gooey coconut pecan icing.
PREP: 1 hr 30 mins
COOK: 10 mins
TOTAL: 1 hr 40 mins


  • 16 tablespoons butter cut into 8 pieces
  • 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 4 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 (12-ounce) can evaporated milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

German Chocolate Icing

  • 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 2 cups sweetened angel hair coconut
  • 1 cup toasted chopped pecans


  • Place the 16 tablespoons of butter and chocolate chips in a large bowl.
  • In a medium saucepan, bring sugar and evaporated milk to a boil. Stir constantly for 10 minutes.
  • Pour sugar mixture over the butter and chocolate chips.
  • Use an electric mixer to beat the mixture for 3 minutes. Mix in vanilla extract.
  • Spread mixture evenly into a greased 9X13-inch pan. Refrigerate at least 1 hour before adding icing.
  • To make icing, stir together heavy cream, sugar, egg yolks, and butter in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat until mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, stirring frequently.
  • Add coconut and pecans and mix well. Let icing cool 15-20 minutes before pouring on fudge.


Calories: 271kcal
Author: Christin Mahrlig
Course: Candy
Cuisine: Southern

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Recipe adapted from Favorite Family Recipes

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30 thoughts on “German Chocolate Fudge”

  1. Any tips on the frosting/icing?
    What I’m assuming are the egg yolks started to solidify in yellow stringy chunks. Thinking I overcooked it, I took the frosting off the heat. But I think it could’ve used more time on the stove as it really never set up as well as I’d have hoped and was a little soft & runny. Was my heat too high?

    1. Yep, I’ve made it and it worked out great first try! Making it again this year too because it was so popular in my household/at work.

  2. Does this fudge need to be kept in the fridge at all times or is it ok to leave out in a cool place?

  3. Where do we find the special coconut? I have never seen it in my town in Oregon. 🙁 I have this problem all the time with special coconuts in various recipes. Sure hope someone can answer soon so I can make this for the holidays left!
    Thanks so much!

    1. Christin Mahrlig

      You should be able to find it in the baking section with the chocolate chips. It will say “angel hair” or finely shredded.

      1. I accident bought the wrong Coconut . I used the the other Coconut . Works just as good . I ran through Food Processor for 3 short pulse.

  4. I’ll eat almost anything with coconut-pecan frosting on it — German chocolate is my favorite cake! Obviously I would LOVE this fudge. So good!

  5. Amy (Savory Moments)

    I just pinned this and will be trying it for sure! Maybe my brother’s birthday as he always likes German chocolate cake. This fudge looks so good!

  6. Renee@Two in the Kitchen

    Ummm, this is the best fudge I’ve seen all season!! Seriously, I would inhale this whole pan!! Pinned!! 🙂

  7. Sarah@WholeandHeavenlyOven

    Lord have mercy….can I even describe how amazing this fudge is looking to me right now?! German chocolate-anything is totally my weakness and I am DYING over this fudge! Pinning!

  8. What a great idea! It looks totally scrumptious and perfect for a holiday platter. Gotta love Christmas! : )

  9. Gayle @ Pumpkin 'N Spice

    What a great idea to make a german chocolate fudge! My family would love this, as we all love german chocolate cake. Such a creative fudge, Christin!

  10. I can’t get enough of fudge during the holidays but this German Chocolate version has got to be my favorite! I love this idea! It looks absolutely amazing!!!

  11. Samina | The Cupcake Confession

    Fudge making is my absolute favorite thing to do during Christmas!!!!!! I’m loving this German Chocolate version and that coconut pecan icing on the top is just PHENOMENAL!!!!!! 😀 <3

  12. Girl, this fudge would be a huge hit with my family. At this rate, none of us will be able to fit in our new clothes come April. 😉 Wow, this looks wonderful!

  13. Mary Frances

    This fudge looks SO GOOD, I thought my eyes were going to bug out of my head!!! What a great treat!

        1. This fudge is amazing the best I ever eaten and I’m making this again today to give away for the new year ty for sharing even pretty good with out the frosting

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