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Crock Pot Ribs

Put a rack or two of ribs in your crock pot in the morning, let them slow cook all day, and you can have the most tender, finger-licking good ribs on the table for dinner in just minutes. They are perfect for game day.

Slow Cooker ribs are so easy, tender, and delicious. A quick broil at the end makes them super flavorful!


I made a homemade BBQ Sauce for these ribs that’s both sweet and a little spicy. It can be made the night before to save time in the morning or you can use your favorite bottled BBQ sauce if you don’t want to go to the trouble of doing this step.

There is no easier way to cook ribs than in the slow cooker. They are guaranteed to be super tender.

The ribs are coated with a rub before they are put in the crock pot and the flavors of the spices really soak into the meat as it cooks.

Slow Cooker Ribs are so tender, delicious, and easy to make. A quick broil at the end makes them super flavorful!


Once the ribs have cooked on LOW for 8 hours (this is a really great recipe to cook while you are at work), they are slathered with sauce and broiled just long enough to make them look like they’ve come right off the grill.

Slow Cooker Ribs are so tender, delicious, and easy to make.


Why I love Crock Pot Ribs:

  • This is a hands off recipe. You don’t even have to peak at the ribs while they slow cook. You can even cook them overnight or while you are at work.
  • There’s almost no risk of overcooking and drying out the ribs. They are guaranteed to be tender and juicy.
  • No need to turn the oven on for hours or slave over a hot grill. During the summer in the south, you know what a bonus this is!
  • A quick broil at the end makes these ribs seem like they came straight off the grill.
  • Anyone can have success with this recipe.

Ribs cooked in the crock pot are so tender, delicious, and easy to make. A quick broil at the end makes them super flavorful!


Tips for making Crock Pot Ribs

What size slow cooker should I use?

  • You will need a 6-quart or larger slow cooker.

What type of ribs do I use?

  • You can use St.Loius-style, baby back ribs, or country-style ribs.

Can I make them in advance?

  • You can make these ribs a day in advance. Remove them from the refrigerator, cover with plastic wrap. Then broil them just before serving. You may want to broil them a little further from the heating element since they will need to heat all the way through and you will need to broil them a little longer.

How can I make sure they are as tender and easy to eat as possible?

  • Remove the thin white membrane on the back of the ribs. Use a sharp knife to cut through it and then you should be able to grab the membrane and pull it off.


Ribs cooked in the crock pot are so tender, delicious, and easy to make. A quick broil at the end makes them super delicious!

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Recipes to serve with Crock Pot Ribs

Watch the short video below to see how to make Crock Pot Ribs.

Slow Cooker ribs are so easy, tender, and delicious. A quick broil at the end makes them super flavorful!

Crock Pot Ribs

These ribs are super tender and flavorful. Coated in a spice rub and slow cooked all day. Then brushed with bbq sauce and broiled.
PREP: 20 minutes
COOK: 8 hours
TOTAL: 8 hours 20 minutes



  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tablespoon yellow mustard
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder


  • 3 tablespoons packed brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 2 pounds St. Louis-style ribs


  • Combine all ingredients for sauce in a medium pot and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Combine all dry rub ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Remove thin skin from the back side of the ribs. Rub dry rub into ribs.
  • Place ribs in a lightly greased crock pot.
  • Pour 1/2 cup sauce over ribs.
  • Cover crock pot and cook on LOW for 8 hours.
  • Place ribs on a baking sheet. Brush remaining sauce on ribs and broil for 3 to 5 minutes.


Calories: 825kcal
Author: Christin Mahrlig
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American
Keyword: slow cooker

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colse-up of Crock Pot Ribs on a baking sheet.


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56 thoughts on “Crock Pot Ribs”

  1. leslie whipper

    well i would love to post a picture of these ribs but they came out great we will be eating good tonight 🙂

  2. Do you have to put sauce on ribs while they are in crockpot? I like the dry rub only While cooking. Then I take from oven and brush with BBQ sauce and broil. Will they dry out w/o sauce in crockpot?

  3. Good -EASY recipe, but left out some authentic ingredients in sauce/ rub, such as teaspoon: 1- Ground Bay Leaf, 2 Ginger, Cinnamon, Tumeric, Oregano +Horseradish & NO SALT, (+ dash of liquid smoke if indoors.)

    Why? Because Rubs & Sauce should not be made mostly out of sugar and salt ingredients, but provide GREAT Health & authentic Chicago Style, St. Loius or Lousianna BBQ, especially in winter or summer waistlines .

    Anyone interested, here’s:
    Add to Rub: Above spices and Herbs. (This will also provide more quantity to work with. Plus, store tightly and save for next Ribs, Chicken or Fish 🙂
    Add to Sauce: Garden or Store heaping TABLESPOON grated Horseradish (key secret ingredient to Great BBQ sauce)
    Finish grating unused root into white glass jar with some white vinegar (stops heat) then mix some mayo and use teaspoon on Beef , Ham, sandwiches, hummus or Sunday morning Bloody Mary’s and clears the sinuses/ colds nicely in winter and provides nutrients, minerals, anti-inflammatory & high in Vitamin C.
    (ie, like old world–if herbs & spices are regularly contained in everyday diet, it will save $$ and cupboard room, plus waist and organs as no longer needing a barage of costly suppliments and store plastic bottles .

    So definitely use/grow Horseradish, cinnamon, Bay Leaf & Tumeric .
    Authentic , Great Food and happy self!

  4. Trying this recipe for the first time. Looking forward to how they turn out. The recipe though was very easy to use.

  5. Brian Wright

    I put the dry rub on and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator and only cooked for 7 hours….. incredible ribs
    Thanks for the great idea 💡

  6. Margie Pearson

    I’ve been cooking ribs in crock pot 5 different times now, and they always get dried up. I cook them on low. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I’m sorry if this question seems unimportant or possibly rude but is your slow cooker old? I just use one sold at a store like bed bath and beyond I think and that’s never been a problem. If anything I find I always have more juices/liquid in the pot after it’s cooked.

      The other thing to consider is are you using very lean meat and/or trimming any fat off? I don’t as most of it cooks away or falls off and seems to keep things moist. If this wasn’t helpful I’m sorry

      1. As above, crock pot maybe damaged and letting out steam. If so, place foil under lid -or Get the new 6-10 qt pressure cooker( uses much less time and electricity.)
        Otherwise Try:
        1) Make sure to lightly oil crock pot per instructions:
        2) Are you remembering to add the 1/2 cup sauce? I used a 1.5 cups of sauce.

  7. Lovely recipe. The meat just melted off the rib and the sauce was delicious. I used 1/2 tsp of dried chilli flakes instead of the cayenne as we don’t like it too hot, and used finely grated onion and garlic as I didn’t have powder. Still worked well

  8. Holy smokes were these good! My hubby was very enthusiastic about these ribs and hopes I will make them again. I have never been a real rib lover but I sure am now! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!! The only things I did differently were; I doubled the sauce amount so we would have plenty to spoon over our rice. And I didn’t have any cayenne, but my hubby isn’t a fan of spicy food anyway. I also added 1 1/2 tsp of liquid smoke. And because I doubled the sauce, tomorrow I am going to cook some chicken breasts in the crock pot in the remaining sauce and have them with our leftover ribs. I am going to make more of the same rub for the chicken first. Thank you Christin for this AWESOME recipe! If wish I could give it more than 5 stars! lol.

  9. How would you go about reheating these? Best way?

    Like I’ll be making them during the day for someone who won’t get to eat them til about 5 hours after they are done.

  10. I have been cooking ribs just like this for ages. They fall off the bone when done. I have even cooked them overnight, taken them out of the crock pot in the a.m. and refrigerated until dinner time. Then brush with sauce and broil until hot and the glaze is bubbly. Delish! Just use your favorite bottled sauce if this is too spicy. I tried this rub recipe and it is very good!

  11. Neva Russell

    These ribs are too spicy for us! And I’m not afraid of heat. I guess the flavor goes with the website!:) The recipe itself is great, and I will use again – and either cut down or omit the cayenne. Just not ideal for young toddlers or breastfeeding people.

    1. Danielle Oldham

      Fortunately for us, I have used cayenne in many recipes before and knew it was too much immediately after seeing the amount. I used 1/8 t. in the sauce part and omitted the cayanne in the rub which seemed to be just the right amount.

    2. Danielle Oldham

      Fortunately for us I have used cayenne in the past and knew immediately it would be way too spicy. I ended up using 1/8 t. in the sauce part and omitted it completely in the rub, which seemed to be just right for us!

  12. I wanted to sign up for your newsletter, but the link isn’t working. Is there some other way that I can sign up?

  13. Chris Thomas

    Though I’m not a big fan of crock pot ribs, the prep and seasoning can really make or break it. I like both the sauce and the rub. It’s very similar to what I make. Might I suggest After drying off the ribs, dampen them with a bit of liquid smoke. Then apply the rub. I then vacuum seal the ribs and refrigerate for at least 24 hrs. The alternative is to tightly wrap the ribs in either a food service film or Saran Wrap; or something similar, and then refrigerate. The liquid smoke and letting it marinate with the dry rub really does make a difference.

  14. I need to cook five racks of ribs and I only have two crockpots. can I split that fifth rack into the two crockpots that I have or will it be too full?

    1. Christin
      Christin Mahrlig

      If it physically fits in and you can close the lid, then it should be fine. Good luck!

  15. I need to slow cook 5 racks of ribs but I only have 2 crock- pots . Can i split.that fifth rack into the 2 crock-pots or will it be to full?

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