Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

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Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice is creamy, rich comfort food with chunks of white chicken meat. It is probably my favorite chicken Instant Pot meal to date.

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

This delicious meal can easily be made in 30 minutes and serves 4 to 6 people. It’s perfect for a weeknight meal and is best served with a green salad, or steamed broccoli or green beans.

Heavy cream, a can of condensed chicken soup, and cream cheese plus lots of Parmesan cheese makes Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice an insanely creamy and cheesy meal.

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

Garlic powder and onion powder give it all the extra flavor it needs.

Lefotvers reheat well.

You can use chicken thighs instead of chicken breast.

The cream cheese that’s added at the end is what really makes this a wonderfully delicious chicken and rice. Kids will love this Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice. It has a fair amount of garlic flavor, but it is not too strong.

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

For best results, shred your own Parmesan cheese from a block of Parmesan instead of buying pre-shredded.

I use the Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer and love it. It can also be used as a slow cooker and a yogurt maker.

The whole family will be happy with this Instant Pot meal. It is so, so easy to make.

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

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Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

Course: Main Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: instant pot
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4
Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice is creamy, rich comfort food with chunks of white chicken meat. It is probably my favorite chicken Instant Pot meal to date.
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  • 1 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 1 (10.5-ounce) can cream of chicken condensed soup
  • 2 cups uncooked long grain rice
  • 2 teaspoons garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 1/2 cups shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar or colby jack cheese
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, cut into chunks and softened


  • Cut chicken into strips.
  • Turn Instant Pot to "Saute" mode. Add butter. When melted add chicken and onion and cook until most of the pink in the chicken is gone.
  • Add water, heavy cream and chicken soup. Stir.
  • Add rice, sprinkling it in so that it is evenly distributed. Add garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Do not stir.
  • Place lid on. Make sure valve is in "sealing" position. Pressure Cook on HIGH for 5 minutes. Manually release pressure.
  • Once the pin drops, remove lid and stir in cream cheese. Stir in Parmesan cheese, cheddar, and parsley. Place lid back on for a few minutes to melt cheese. Stir and serve. It will thicken up as it cools.


Note: Cooking time does not include time for Instant Pot to pressurize. This usually takes about 10 minutes but can vary.

Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

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110 thoughts on “Instant Pot Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Rice

  1. This was yummy but I did modify it a bit after reading some of the reviews. I cooked the chicken first and when it was almost done, that is when I added the onion. I then sauted these together until the onion was translucent. I also used 3 cups of salt-free broth instead of water. To ensure I didn’t get a burn alert, I made sure that the chicken completely covered the bottom of the pan to ensure to rice sat on top of the chicken, not the pan. Lastly, I cooked for 7 minutes and allowed a natural release for 15, then manually released the rest. It was cooked perfectly.

    1. how did you make sure the chicken was at the bottom of the pan after adding broth/soup/heavy cream?

  2. So good! Made as directed and had zero issues with burn or crunchy rice. I used a 6 quart IP. I made sure to get all the brown bits off the bottom of the pot before adding the rice/spices and did NOT stir in the rice per the directions. Super creamy and had leftovers, which tasted just as good.

  3. We loved it, did have a little burning on the bottom but it really didn’t hurt the meal, the only thing i changed was i used milk instead of cream. Followed exactly and will be making this again, next time i would like to try adding some mushrooms or broccoli. For sure a keeper.

  4. Hi .. this recipe turned out great… although not as creamy as I thought… maybe because I didn’t add enough ingredients to make it creamy?

    I was wondering if you can freeze this? How long will this last in the fridge? There are leftovers ….ad I’d hate to throw it out…

  5. This recipe was delicious! I read the comments prior to making. I have an 8-quart Instant Pot. I took suggestions from Mike Baggett and Kym. I sauteed the chicken and onions in a frying pan. I used 3 cups of low sodium chicken broth (so it wouldn’t be overly salty). In the Instant Pot I whisked together the chicken broth, soup, cream, and seasonings together. Stirred in the slightly cooked chicken and gently poured the rice over the top (I used medium grain rice as that’s what I had). I cooked it on high pressure for 8 minutes and let it natural release for 15 minutes then quick release. The rice was cooked perfectly. I then added in the cheeses, stirred everything together. The next time I make this recipe I will try chicken thighs and add in some spinach.

  6. I had no issues with getting a burn message. The only things I did different was, omitted the cream cheese, I’m not a fan, added milk instead of heavy cream afterwards, along with some steamed broccoli. I always do a complete, natural release with rice, which can be up to 30 minutes, and it always turns out perfect! I love this recipe, so yummy and so easy!

  7. SOOOOOO GOOD!!! I just got my Instant Pot and this was the first meal I made in it and it did not disappoint. I started by reading about 50 reviews in to get a grasp for what modifications needed to be made. This is what I did: I cooked 2 large cubed chicken breasts in about 3 tablespoons of butter, added in the onion when the chicken was almost cooked and there was no need to scrape the bowl as it didn’t brown and there was still a little liquid left over. I added a cup and a half of chicken broth and then sprinkled in 2 cups of rice and did not stir. There was plenty of liquid in there and everything was plenty submerged. I locked the lid, set it to 7 minutes to pressure cook and then prayed. When the timer went off I turned it off and let it naturally release for about 18 minutes then manually released the remaining pressure. When I took the lid off the rice looked crunchy but I tested it and it was fine. I added a cup and a half of heavy cream, a can of cream of chicken soup and about 1 cup of Parmesan and 1/2 cup of a cheddar mix. I stirred it all together and put the lid on for a few minutes to let the cheese melt. I then added a bag of microwaved steamed broccoli and voila! So dang good. Even my skeptical 16 year old gave it an 8 out of 10. Next time I will do 2 bags of broccoli and 4 chicken breasts. The best thing about this recipe is that you can do whatever little tweaks you want and make it to your liking. Highly recommend.

  8. I just tried this recipe and it turned out great, I read some of the reviews and changed it a little bit. I used a Crock Pot Express cooker and used 3 cups of chicken broth instead of water and browned the chicken in a skillet but still give this recipe 5 stars, it is a great one for my dinner rotation. My wife loved it and said I could make this for her anytime. Since I’m disabled and stay home she loves coming home to dinner, I figured since she did it for me and the kids for the first 30 years of our marriage it’s the lest I could do is have her dinner ready when she’s done for the day. She always hollers what smells so good from her upstairs office. Love the recipe, Thanks

  9. Burned mine too. Cleaned out rice, used a gentler method for cooking rice. BURNED again. Transferred to a pot on the stove, which finished it nicely.

    Then tried the recipe again, this time with a smaller quantity (about HALF), thinking perhaps the first batch failed because my pot was too small. Nope. BURNED again.

    I’m positive it’s the weight of the chicken. Pushes the rice down against the bottom of the pot.

    I use the Instantpot DUO 6 quart. Does not work. I don’t understand how anyone can get this recipe to work with an instantpot. Either it’s pure luck or their model is way better than mine.

  10. Flavor is excellent and I really really want to love this, but both times I’ve made the recipe my rice has been rock hard. The first time we dealt with it, this time I spend an additional 30 minutes adding time, testing, then adding more time, before I finally took half of it out and cooked it on the stove. I’m skeptical to try a third time!

    1. I found that after I stir in the cheese I seal it back up for 5 more minutes and it comes out perfect. If I don’t do that my rice is still hard.

  11. New favorite recipe! Made some minor modifications: I left out the heavy cream, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese and only added cream of mushroom and the Parmesan and it was perfectly creamy. I also added some sliced carrots and celery. I love garlic, so I used 5 cloves of roasted garlic instead of garlic powder. I used chicken broth instead of water. I also got a “food burning” alert the first time I made it. I used the “rice” setting (low pressure) for 12 minutes with a 10 minute natural release, and it turned out fine. Thank you, Christin!

    1. I really liked your modifications the best. The carrots and celery was a hit! I did add the heavy cream for the extra creaminess but that is all I did different. Was so delicious 🙂

  12. This food tastes really good when it comes out. I’m giving it one star because I cannot cook it without getting food burn. The first time it was my own fault because I stirred it. The 2nd time I did not stir it and I did the chicken in a separate pan but I still keep getting the food burn. I followed the rest of the instructions exactly but still had the food burn.

  13. I got a burn notice but everything was cooked through by then. Next time I think I’m going to ad the cream post cooking and use chicken broth instead of water, and maybe double the water amount…

  14. Is there a way to convert to pan or slow cooker. Dont have an instant pot but got this off a slow cooker recipe list

  15. Added 8 oz fresh Sliced mushrooms, cream of mushroom soup instead of cream of chicken, minute rice to combat crunchy rice. My family loved it. And it was even better the next day.

  16. Very good! After reading reviews of undercooked rice, I cooked this for 9 minutes with a 10 minute natural release and followed the rest of the recipe as stated! Very good and makes a ton! Will definitely add this to my rotation of IP meals.

  17. This turned out great! I was pretty skeptical but had agreed to make it for my kid (she picked out the recipe). I was sure I was going to get the burn notice but didn’t. Followed the recipe almost exactly except did NPR for 18 minutes and then manually released the rest. I also cut the chicken into cubes instead of leaving as strips. No other modifications though and turned out yummy!

  18. Can I make just the chicken and sauce and pour over cauliflower rice? How would you adjust? I tried it before and it turned out perfect I am just trying to cut out carbs.

  19. Made the recipe as stated, the rice wasnt done so I added another 3 minutes and released the pressure. Added half the cream cheese called for and used minced onion and garlic as I didnt have powder.. FAMILY WENT CRAZY OVER IT!

  20. I just used this recipe for my first instant pot meal and loved it. Since I’m new to instant pot, when would be the best time to add fresh mushrooms? During the sauté or during the pressure cook?

    1. I added mushrooms during the sauté step. This allows them to release liquid. I also added celery during this step, to add a little fiber to the dish.

  21. I enjoyed the recipe, definitely do not move it to venting, the heavy cream came out of the pressure release valve and made a mess in my kitchen lol. Thought it was very yummy tho!!

  22. Nutritional Information based on the ingredients and entered into

    Nutrition Facts
    Servings: 4
    Amount per serving
    Calories 1281
    % Daily Value*
    Total Fat 65.1g 83%
    Saturated Fat 36.5g 183%
    Cholesterol 323mg 108%
    Sodium 1922mg 84%
    Total Carbohydrate 88.2g 32%
    Dietary Fiber 2.5g 9%
    Total Sugars 2g
    Protein 84g
    Vitamin D 27mcg 137%
    Calcium 783mg 60%
    Iron 7mg 37%
    Potassium 697mg 15%
    *The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calorie a day is used for general nutrition advice.
    Recipe analyzed by

  23. This recipe turned out great. Four stars only because I made some modifications based on other comments.

    I used thighs instead of breasts, seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper before I cooked it, and added a bit more of all the seasonings. After cooking the chicken/onion for a minutes, I added the water and scraped up the bits in the pan, using the heavy wooden spoon I usually use. I followed the recipe exactly from there, stirring the water, soup, and cream and then adding the rice and seasonings WITH NO FURTHER STIRRING (although I was very skeptical about it).

    I was confused as to whether to natural release or instant release – the recipe says “manual” but the interwebs debate what that means – so I let it pressure cook on high for 8 minutes and natural release (cancel cooking, set to keep warm) for about 15 minutes before finishing with instant release and adding cheeses per recipe. This turned out really great.

  24. I’m trying to make this tonight for my family but my Instant Pot just keeps coming back with the message Burn Food.

    1. I got the exact same thing. The rice went straight to the bottom and starting burning and sticking. Major fail.

      1. Same thing happened to me but I see now that it says not to stir after putting in rice. I wonder if that has something to do with it??

        1. Same thing happening to me now. I also didn’t read the do not stir step. How did you fix yours? Did it turn out okay ?

          1. I had the exact same experience. Did not stir after adding the rice and was very careful about dispersing it evenly. Come to find out, my chicken had stuck to the bottom of the pan even though I was very careful about scraping before adding the liquids.

  25. Delicious , I added fresh minced garlic when I sautéed the chicken and followed the recipe instructions and it came out great. I got worried when I got the burn warning but when I opened the lid after the natural release it was cooked perfectly. Family loved it.

  26. Any idea if instant rice in a pot would work better and not burn? How would I change this to be a Nija Foodi recipe instead? It looks delicious and I’d love to try it.

  27. I never use my sautee function. Because of the burn factor of the recipe. I always just use a large skillet and sautee then add to IP. WOW!! No more problems with burned pans in IP!

      1. I added an extra cup of chicken broth after cooking for normal time & finding that my rice was not cooked, started it again for same amount of time per recipe & luckily was able to salvage diner with huge success!!! In the future I will add an additional cup of broth from the beginning!

  28. It was just okay. The rice didn’t cook the first time around so I had to depressurize and add more time. It burned to the bottom of the pan. It came out incredibly thick but tasted okay. Probably won’t make it again.

  29. This is a really good and easy recipe. Was the chicken supposed to be tender? I’m new to the instant pot and this was my first recipe. For my first one, I did well. I’m glad I went back and read the part about it thickening because I was nervous. I’ll definitely make this again. Thank you for sharing!

  30. We made this verbatim and ended up with bland food and hard rice. I’ve never used instant pot before, but my friend had. She said it needed a longer cooking time than 5 minutes and more venting time. Either which way, the base recipe is decent and then you need to absolutely tweak it to your own tastes. Cook for at least 10 minutes to ensure fully cooked rice.

  31. I feel bad for all the people who were unsuccessful. Mine turned out perfectly. Make sure you deglaze after sauteing, don’t stir after adding rice, and let the pot naturally depressurize. That could take 15 or 20 minutes. I even forgot the cheddar cheese and the family still loved it.

  32. Soooooo, had an idea about the burn notice. While I was sauteing, I notice some of the onion had stuck to the pan. When I added the water, I made sure I deglaze the bottom of the pan. That could be causing the burn problem.
    Also, I substituted evaporated milk for the heavy cream and while the pot was pressurizing, I put a Steam-Fresh bag of broccoli in the microwave, then drained it and added when the cheese had melted. Perfect one pot dish. We loved it. Thanks.

  33. This was so good! It turned out perfect! My whole family loved it! I think I’ll only use half of the cream cheese next time tho.

  34. Well this was my first rice recipe to do in my instant pot and yup it burned. I followed the recipe to a “T” and so I’m confused on how some got a great turn out and some got what I got burnt bottomed uncooked rice. I had to salvage what I can and continue on the stove top. Super bummed on this recipe, was really looking forward with it working out.

  35. I’ve made this once before and going to make it again tomorrow night for a friend. I followed the directions exactly how it’s stated and it turned out fabulous! I gave some leftovers to my dad who makes a comparable dish and he was impressed (that’s hard to do). I did add a bit more garlic powder because I love garlic but over all it turned out and would definitely recommend!

  36. Did this recipe step by step and instant pot kept saying burn because this recipe causes the rice to stick. Come to find out we shouldn’t be putting the heavy cream in until after it cooks. Hoping I will help someone else from wasting all the ingredients.

    1. Oh wow! 2x my burns, I release pressure, unstick and start again. My picky son loved it last time I made it, but the burn notification is a bummer. Next time I’ll remember to add the cream when we add tye ceeam cheese. I guess.

  37. I made this recipe and it turned out delicious! The taste kind of resembles stroganoff. I cooked it exactly as the instructions recommended with the exception that I used 2 lbs of chicken. I didn’t get any burn notices or had to adjust the recipe. The rice was only slightly under cooked but I blame my choice of rice, if anything I should have added a bit more water.

  38. So after you saute the chicken, onion, and butter, do you remove the chicken while the pressure cook is heating up? I am confused as to why you would leave it in there. Help!!

  39. WORST recipe ever. I was so excited to try this recipe out and man do I regret not reading the reviews before buying my ingredients.

    Got the burn message that everyone speaks of. Couldn’t continue to cook so I had to empty the pot and place the content into a baking dish. It’s in the oven now. I sure hope it’s salvageable and that I won’t have to order pizza.

  40. Ok so after reading the reviews I could see how rice wouldnt get cooked, this is what I had to do and I didnt get burn notice.. 2tbs of butter once melted add chicken and onion and cook so they are white not pink and no brown. Add liquids then add rice, I didnt stir. Add seasoning…needs WAY more. Pressure cook for 9min and natural release for 10min. And manual release half way just to help it soup start to come out but it didnt. Add cheeses, stir close for on min. Came out fully cooked it really just needed way more seasonings, to much in there to only have 2tsp. If each thing.

    1. Thank you for these tips! If only I’d read them before cooking. I thought the flavor was good, but not a fan of the crunchy rice. Definitely good enough to try again and I will go with your timing.

    2. All great tips- listen to her 👆 I fid add raw broccoli and it disappeared which is good for my kids, I also used 1/2 cup whole milk and 1/2 half and half b/c I didn’t have heavy cream
      My other tip is I didn’t stir but.. make sure all the rice was well submerged and went easier on the cheese. All in all , everyone ate it!

  41. I tried this recipe for the first time tonight and followed the directions exactly and the recipe was delicious. My 8 year old son who is a very picky eater loved it and wants it again.

  42. This was okay. It has wayyyy too much cheese! I think next time we’re going to omit the cheddar and cut the Parmesan in half. As for the rice being hard/ instant pot giving off a burn warning. We didn’t have that problem because we didn’t follow the recipe. We had just got our instant pot so we remembered reading that you should only pressurize thin liquids, and dairy based liquids don’t have enough water content, which actually causes the burn warning. So instead we sauté the chicken as stated in the recipe, then we got out the recipe book that came with our instant pot and there was a “perfect brown rice”
    recipe. We added the rice according to that recipe with the chicken as well, and followed that recipe for the rice. Once that was done we then added the cream, cheeses, soup, etc after and placed the lid on for a couple minutes to let everything melt and mix together. It was kind of a tedious recipe considering we merged two different recipes together to make sure everything got cooked right.

  43. How do you go from sauté to pressure cook without having to cancel the heat? My food burnt while pre heating. How do you avoid that? Do you always have to have the food already in while it pre heats? This is the first time I’ve tried using the pot now I’m discouraged lol

    1. I usually let the pot pre-heart with only a bit of oil then add any meat or veg I want to fry first. If you let them heat with the pot you wont get browning and meats tend to stick really bad.

  44. I wish I would have read the reviews before I tried this Pinterest fail. A lot of curse words, a lot of hard rice and a big hit to my cooking confidence, a lot of wasted ingredients went in the trash. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one, I feel better now. I wish I could rate it at 0 stars, the only successful comments, the writer edited the recipe. I kept getting burn warning with a whole lot of hard rice. Oh well, live and learn.

    1. This is only my second time using my instant pot. My recipe the first time was just ok. Wasn’t impressed. But this recipe was SO good. I’m a huge risotto fan and for me, it resembled an American style risotto with chicken. Definitely a very indulging, heavy dish but very comforting. I would definitely make again and probably add some spinach next time. I was really worried about it burning based on everyone’s comments but I was fine.

  45. Made this tonight. Turned out delicious! Only thing I varied from the posted recipe is doing a natural release for 12 minutes to make sure the rice was good and tender.

  46. Made this tonight for the first time. I followed the instructions exactly. My husband LOVES it, and declared it his new favorite. Since this is rice I did not do a quick and let it release naturally. I think if you skip that part the rice would be hard. I added a little cayenne pepper to my plate and enjoyed the kick. Next time I will add broccoli to make it a little healthier.

  47. SO… I got all the ingredients and then read the instructions again and THEN I read the reviews. I was so disheartened. BUT, given what I knew I… 1. added extra butter when sauteing the onions and chicken 2. followed the directions exactly 3. cooked on high manual for NINE minutes 4. used a towel when letting the steam escape. This recipe turned out PEFECT. I would steam broccoli or make peas to add next time to the final product.

  48. Don’t even dare try this recipe unless you have the patience of a saint. This horrible recipe sent the burn message at least 7 times until I finally gave up and put it on my stove. Even then I don’t know how it’s going to come out because the rice was already halfway cooked. No way will I EVER try this recipe again. Horrible horrible horrible. If I could give negative stars I would and it still wouldn’t be enough to express how much I hate this recipe!

  49. I should have read the comments, followed exactly and my rice isn’t cooked. I’m attempting to add more time before I call this a fail. As a previous commenter added-use cooked rice.

  50. Mine spewed liquid all over my kitchen also ugh. It takes good but definitely going to have to clean the outside of my brand new Instant pot. How come this happened? Too much liquid??

  51. My husband loves this! With a newer model I was worried about the burn notice…I pre boiled the rice and sauté the chicken with onions and butter before hand and it came out perfect with no issues 🙂

  52. Really frustrated. Followed the direction exactly and it kept burning. Had to take it all out and finish cooking it on the stove. Any recommendations to prevent this from happening next time?

  53. Can I do this in a slow cooker instead? I’m thinking that would help the rice cook better. I’m afraid it would turn out mushy though.

  54. I made this in an Insignia pressure cooker. I followed the recipe exactly (including adding the cream before pressure cooking. My cooker doesn’t have a “manual” setting, so I used the rice setting, which ran for about 13 minutes. I allowed it to cook the entire time and then let it sit for 5 minutes after it finished before releasing the pressure. It turned out great. It was good even before adding the cheese and fantastic after adding it. Everyone loved it!

    1. Sam,
      I have mine, as I type, in my instant pot using your directions. It’s smelling delicious and hopefully, thanks to you, my rice will be cooked! Thanks for your instructions. While I’m at it, the poster of this recipe really should be answering some of these comments. Unless this is a recipe she posted without cooking for herself first!

  55. This recipe doesn’t work. I did everything exactly as it said and cooked for 5 minutes, but when I released the pressure it spewed liquid all over the kitchen, and the rice wasn’t cooked at all. I tried re-pressurizing it to cook another 5 minutes, but then I got a burn warning. Pinterest fail!!

  56. Very good. Used Basmati Brown Rice, didn’t have heavy cream so I used milk. Changed my pressure cook time to 12 mins and it turned out fantastic. Would be good with added veggies.

  57. I made this tonight. I added mushrooms while sautéing the chicken and onions. When it was done I added half a bag of frozen peas. It was delicious

  58. I just finished eating this and….WoW!
    I halved the recipe cause I have the 3 qt IP. Easy to do. Followed the recipe/instructions and it turned out perfect. The people who experienced a burn notice might need to deglaze after adding the water (I used chicken broth in place of water). My rice was perfect. I did add an extra min on the pressure time cause I’ve had hard rice from IP before. Thanx so much for this recipe; adding it to my favorites.

  59. Any solution for the hard rice. We love the recipe, and still are it but not a fan of hard rice.

    1. We did 18 minutes of natural pressure release before releasing the rest of the pressure manually and I think this helped cook the rice through.

  60. Can you further specify rice type? Like another commenter mine was still hard, but I think your recipe may need parboiled uncooked rice vs just uncooked rice

  61. This recipe didn’t disappoint and I was able to please the entire picky bunch of kids in our house. Made it exactly as written. This will be a new favorite!

  62. I tried this a few weeks ago and keep forgetting to comment. This was fantastic. Very rich, which is what I was hoping it would be. Didn’t have cheddar so I had to omit. I served this with broccoli. Absolutely fantastic. My Instant Pot wouldn’t come to pressure though, kept getting the burn error, so I finished on the stove. Not the recipe’s fault, I hear some models “burn” easier than others, so I plan for that whenever I try a new recipe. I’d totally make this again and maybe brown the chicken on my stove instead of the Instant Pot to see if that helps so the pot isn’t so hot to begin with. Again, NOT the recipe’s fault, I loved it and I’d make it again and again, burn or no burn! Thank you for a fantastic recipe! <3

    1. Is it the heavy cream making it burn? I’ve seen other instant pot recipes where they tell you to add the milk or cream at the end so it doesn’t burn. Just a thought.

    2. I haven’t tried this one yet but I wait to put the dairy in on my Instant Pot so maybe that will help? I goofed one time and added cheeses before pressure cooking and got the burn notice along with it caked onto the bottom of the pot. I had to change it over to my multi cooker to finish it 🙁 I have put cream of chicken soup in mine but did not stir it in, just poured it on top of chicken. If you were to try it again, I would try it by adding the heavy cream at the end. As Kim mentioned some IP seem to get the burn warning more then others.

      I am afraid to put dairy in my before hand after that last incident haha!

      1. Wondering if withholding 1 1/2 cup liquid might influence how the rice cooks? Many people have already said theirs was crunchy.

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